Thursday, April 29, 2010

Nier Comic Impression

Nier comic
Many games have been using both novels and comics to further their story from a prequel to adaptation of the in-game action. NIER from Square Enix is no exception as gamers can jump into the NIER comic and learn more about the mysterious story. It’s a free download but is it worth gamers and comic fans time? The three part comic explains the back story for NIER from the Fall of Humanity to the birth of “The Black Scrawl” (what now?). So just what is NIER?

NIER is an action-RPG (role-playing game) from Square Enix, better known for their Final Fantasy series. Beyond this and its April release timeframe not much is known about the story outside the crazy trailers populated with some of the most aggressive language seen in a Square Enix game. Nier is the name of the sword wielding, book carrying hero, who travels with his daughter. The book is not really carried; it floats and is called the Grimoire Weiss. This living book tells a tale of a dark past and future. Nier’s purpose is to travel around and defeat the Shade (bad guys) while saving those the Shade seeks to destroy. This is the first comic plot but there is more to Nier than meets the eye. The games trailers show off an impressive game with a slew of interesting characters and tons of action. So why should gamers care?

The comic is offered as a download or a scrolling three minute viewing of the story. The art is more traditional American comic than anything seen in manga and when compared to the game looks totally different from a design standpoint. The coloring is great and while the art is different it works and works well. The fleshing out of the story will only add to enhance the game experience and allow gamers to invest more in the unique characters but is it worth the time?

Yes and yes. For gamers investing in Nier you need to check out the comic. There is zero cost and total immersion into the series. For gamers thinking about taking a dive into Nier then start with the comic. If the story and characters interest you then get the game but if it’s all boring then why invest. This is the world gamers will dive into so read the comic first then make a buying decision. The choice is gamers and release is drawing Nier so time to download.

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