Friday, April 9, 2010

Infinite Space on DS Impression

Infinite Space on Nintendo DS
The Nintendo DS is populated with a ton of RPG titles from tactical to real-time and even simulation. It’s this last category into which Infinite Space from Sega resides. Space combat on a space opera (think Robotech meets Battle for Midway) will push DS gamers to strategize and think in ways only an admiral is capable. So what does a space battleship simulation, a fleet commanding simulation with very heavy anime cut-scenes and characters add to the DS, let’s take a look …

– Guide young boy Yuri as he builds his first ship to get off planet and get entangled in over 70 hours of space opera style gameplay where the name of the game is battleship style combat. Collect parts and blueprints to build and customize your ships and take on the baddies of the universe. Take on buddies as you pit fleet against fleet, it’s that simple.

– The anime scenes are fantastic and if this is all the game was, that would be worth $20 alone. The menu system is decent looking but sadly this looks more like Star Fox than Star Wars (the film folks). The DS is a great piece of hardware but it’s not a graphics powerhouse and it shows in the blocky ship and pixilated battle scenes. That being said it really does not take away from the overall gameplay so decent graphics but nothing new or extraordinary.

– Limited voice work is well done and drives the anime scenes but otherwise the sound and soundtrack is limited based on the DS capabilities. Battles sound good but this is not a genre that really begs for hot music.

– Very, very deep on the ship building side. Gamers can spend hours customizing their fleet, each individual ship and the options boggle the mind. The amount of design is outstanding and each battle offers so many chances to try new tactics. The levels … well its space so it’s big … and black, full of stars. Ships and battles, full of options, good stuff.

– The story of the young boy turned commander, Yuri, is worthy of an anime all its own and should attract a specific anime niche in and of itself. This is a chance to live out the dreams of so many space battles just watched in the past and to engage with characters and a world as engaging as any anime.

Infinite Space is for gamers looking to customize a fleet of space ships (5 ships total … it’s a fleet) and take on bad guys in over 70 hours of gameplay. Prepare to spend time building, modifying ships and following the tale of Yuri in one of the better simulation titles on the Nintendo DS. The great anime style and story don’t hurt either.

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