Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Bloodstained Man, Netherworld Book 2 Impression

Heavy Metal Pulp vol. 2 The Bloodstained Man

Heavy Metal Pulp

In Netherworld Book 1 readers were introduced to Detective Rook Venner, a man caught up in a government conspiracy that seems to gravitate to a certain pleasure model he’s protecting. With his life all but forfeit Rook and Plesur go on the run, hunted, and keep learning more about why they are targets and just how big the conspiracy is. As the first story ends the second volume of Heavy Metal Pulp’s Netherworld, The Bloodstained Man, kicks in. How are Rook and Plesur doing? That’s what you have to read for.

Having just seen an ex-presidents head go boom Rook, Plesur and Julia make their escape thanks to an upgraded Plesur. Instantly they look for more names tied to the recently uncovered Taste Imperative, a deadly government secret which the shadowy Sable Ranch will kill to keep secret. While on the run the trio is captured by the Latin gang located in the uninsured wild just outside the city where Rook must fight while Julia puts her unique skills to work. The trio encounters not only Latin gangs and gators but some very finicky robotic kitties. Not all pleasure mods are created equal but a secret underground soon reveals they can be free but is this enough for Rook as his feelings for Plesur grow?

This second volume picks up where the first left off and never misses a beat. The story is frantic; fast paced and cannot be put down once begun. It’s actually a very quick read with tons of comic style pics thrown in to give a visual to the story. It’s not War & Peace but seeing Rook grown closer to Plesur is enjoyable while this huge conspiracy unravels around them. That is the story, Rook on the run and government conspiracy. Nope, it’s not resolved in this volume but if you are a fan of the first book you’ve just got to get Bloodstained Man. My only gripe is the story ends with such a surprise and now I’ve got to wait for volume 3 … dang it all.

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  1. The image of Rook on the cover reminds me of Marv from Sin City. Must be separated at birth. I hope to see more books from Heavy Metal.