Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Slayers Revolution DVD Set 1 Impression

The Slayers Revolution DVD Set 1
What’s old is not always great new. The anime that hooked many current fans, anime watched on VHS or even VCD does not always age well. Even some of the earlier DVD titles, while new to the states, were 3-7 years or older when we finally got them. One such title, The Slayers, a title responsible for hooking me after Ranma ½ and DBZ absorbed me, has not aged as well. Watching the first three seasons, the last hitting about 10 years ago, shows a truly ‘anime’ anime title, one with such a classic design but animation that is dated now. It’s a shame that fans now may pass give The Slayers a once over due to this fact … or will they.

Say hello to The Slayers: Revolution from FUNimation. The fourth season of the legendary series has finally been delivered, the first half that is, and all the points above are erased as the look, feel and sound are top notch and well worth the purchase even for those new to the franchise. So what’s changed for Lina and gang …

Lina and Gourrey are back but this time they take to the high-seas as they’ve just about busted every bandit so time to move on to pirates. As they wrap up their first success Lina is placed under arrest for the crime of … being Lina Inverse? Yes, seems being herself is a crime and as Zelgadis and Amelia join the fray it’s time to go on the run again and get involved in yet another demon driven plot. Pokota is a strange little fur ball and he goes head-to-head with Lina but why? What is he, why is he attacking and how does he tie to Lina being wanted Circumstances dictate that these foes become allies and the mercenary Xellos is involved so things won’t be easy, not when demons are involved. Just what is this new evil, that’s exactly what Lina is going to find out.

For returning fans what’s to love is it’s classic Slayers complete with Megumi Hayashibara opening and closing theme not to mention the full, original voice cast. I cannot spoil too much of the plot but it goes like this. Lina and Gourrey get into trouble, Zelgadis and Amelia show up, one or two new allies join in, funny things happen, things get serious, major bad guy/demon joins the fray and after a few hours things work out but something bigger is lurking. Yup, same formula as every season and this time the noob is Pokota. His voice is a bit annoying but his history and the surprise is very cool. The story formula works so well and the music is a match. This is what I love about Slayers with one big change. Being made in 2008 the animation is sharp, crisp and modern. The character design is dead on how it has always been but it’s updated. In much the same manner the Evangelion has received a visual update so does The Slayers while maintaining the cult look and feel.

This is honestly one of the easiest pieces to write because The Slayers has always been a memorable and fun series and with Revolution none of the good has changed while all the intangibles, animation quality, sound, have been modernized. I love it, plain and simple.

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