Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rin – Daughters of Mnemosyne DVD Series Impression

Rin anime
Rin – Daughters of Mnemosyne from FUNimation will get your blood flowing from its metal driven opening theme and skintastic scenery but what lies inside is not all over the top, Speed Grapher like, action. This is a generational spanning epic that will take viewers from the mundane to extreme and unbelievable in six hours.

Rin Asogi is a detective with a very unique skill. She cannot die, will regenerate any wound and along with her assistance Mimi the two will live eternally. Their cause for long life is a spore from an eternally growing tree, Yggdrasil, which entered her body and changed her. This only affects females as any male who encounters the same spore will be transformed into mindless angels, dubbed so for their appearance and not being real angels. Rin takes on odd jobs as she and Mimi go about their business until a chance encounter with Koki Maeno, just a normal guy, begins a decade spanning relationship where Rin will encounter not only Koki’s son but his granddaughter also. Fates are tied together as another immortal; Apos has his own agenda against Rin and is constantly manipulating things for her favor. When agendas span centuries and not every card is on the table the ride is going to be long and interesting.

Rin’s cover is deceptive as it shows Rin in a white dress looking all fancy but the Rin you meet is closer to Colombo than a beauty queen. She is pretty but also fun. Mimi, while young looking is anything but and both find themselves in very sexual situations. The story, in only six hours, is great. Rin is a very likable character and the eternal life angle works and is done very well. The final few hours will delight viewers and leave them very happy with the plot twist and turns. The animation style and design direction is good, I won’t call it average, it’s not, but it has a realism and simplicity that is polished and well representative of a solid anime title.

The piece of Rin that makes the title mature is the explicit and gruesome (at times) violence and sexual situations. There have been anime that seems to throw these devices in for the pure joy and while it seems like that at times with Rin the justification is there, after all what other pleasures are there for an immortal, female immortals, to enjoy? For me this work by Shigeru Ueda is much better than his work on Serial Experiments Lain, so if you find this blasphemy then do me a favor and give Rin a try. I was a doubter at first but came to really like these characters and the interesting setting they are in and I think you will also.

Mature folks, this is for adults, not kids and no it’s not hentai.

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  1. FUNimation sent me some promotional stuff for this but that was enough to turn me off this title because that was solely about the sexual aspects. I've heard people say that above and beyond that, "Rin" is good, as you have done.

    As an aside, I didn't care much for "Serial Experiments Lain." ^_^;;;