Monday, March 29, 2010

PassionFruit Games Impression

What is PassionFruit Games? It’s a collaboration between two women, Melissa Heidrich, a gamer, and novelist Marjorie M. Liu. These two have known each other since high school and now come together to create PassionFruit Games. Still wondering what this is all about … how about casual gaming, romantic casual gaming.

Yes, the same strong writing seen in all of Liu’s novels will now take center stage in PassionFruit Games which is a total female collaboration. The first game set to release in April is Tiger Eye: Curse of the Riddle Box which has strong ties to Tiger Eye novels from Liu. The gaming concept is familiar to any casual gamer. Hidden-object gameplay that follows a storyline, this time Tiger Eye. Voice acting cinematic will move this beyond the run-of-the-mill casual games and the romance tie-in adds an aspect that should draw in many gamers assuming proper word gets out. So how best to draw in noobs, contest of course. First was choosing a character appearance, second was the chance to join the beta test.

So has it worked, is there interest? Time will tell but with the game about to be release time is ticking down. What PassionFruit Games has going for it is a very, very strong writer in Lui with her following, both male and female, a chance for fans to get further into characters and settings they love and the biggest hook. It’s a romantic casual game full of passion and intrigue that is just perfect for the millions of casual gaming ladies … and yes they are the majority of casual gamers. Time is ticking so check out info on PassionFruit games now and check back for more info and interviews.

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