Saturday, February 20, 2010

Soul Eater DVD Set 1 Impression

Soul Eater DVD Set 1
Fun, stylish and addictive. Three words that begin to describe Soul Eater DVD set 1 from FUNimation. If there is a friendlier version of death I’ve not seen it and when it comes to unique anime then Soul’s and Maka’s adventure is the way to go.

At the Grim Reaper’s Death Weapon Meister Academy humanities protectors are trained to fight the supernatural forces of evil that roam the land preying on human souls. These Meister’s wield powerful and unique weapons. Maka’s weapon is a scythe named Soul. When in battle Soul transforms into the scythe and with their souls resonating on the same level, Maka and Soul go ape bananas on baddies. Battles usually end with Soul eating the delicious souls of the baddies. The more souls they consume the stronger the get, the closer they move towards becoming a true death weapon. Maka and Soul are joined by fellow Meister/weapon Black Star and Tsubaki as well as death’s son Kid and his dual sister pistols. Each group must learn new lessons from not only Death but also crazy teachers like Master Stein. This ain’t any Harry Potter adventure and a plot by a devious witch will push Soul and Maka’s relationship to new levels, both good and bad.

As always, let’s begin with the art, the style of which Soul Eater has tons. Fooley Cooley was the last series I’ve seen that came close to the level of detail, simplicity and just plain awesomeness and cool seen in Soul Eater. Yes, detail and simple. The designs are clean, sharp, great use of colors and expressions while sporting a detail that makes each character and even the settings so unique. The story is … well it’s developing. There is plenty of time spent introducing characters then of course teaching, having them hone their skills, a few back-story episodes and finally the storyline with the big bad witch kicks in. It’s the off the wall world, story and art that really make this series shine. It’s just full of style and plain fun to watch.

That’s it. That is the best way to describe Soul Eater. It’s fun to watch, period. With such a unique art style, fun characters and a crazy world not to mention Death’s voice Soul Eater is that unique series that can really refresh anime fans in a sometimes stale market with more of the same over and over.

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