Sunday, February 14, 2010

Evangelion Asuka and Rei Maid Statues from Kotobukiya

Asuka and Rei Maid Image
Neon Genesis Evangelion stands as one of the greatest anime of all time. Even with its controversial ending fans embraced it when anime was still trickling into the states and on the expensive VHS format. FUNimation is in process of releasing an updated Neon Genesis Evangelion and with their deep download to own and rent FUNimaiton is making anime easier for PlayStation 3 owners to get into. Gamers love a good action figure be it Master Chief or Kratos so why not something a bit prettier to decorate the ol’ gaming shelf or home office? Say hello to Rei and Asuka, the two female Eva pilots who fans know and love and gamers need to meet.

Kotobukiya has made great strides into the US marketplace with their English website as well as their Marvel and Halo product lines just to name a few. Their craftsmanship is excellent and beautiful and well worth checking out. Want to see a product in person, then check out specialty stores such as Anime Sekai in Leesburg, VA. This brings us back to the matter at hand, two new additions to Kotobukiya’s Eva lineup that puts both Rei and Asuka in maid outfits and fulfills a guilty pleasure of gaming and anime fans everywhere. Don’t believe me, check out the various anime cuties downloads on PSN. What makes these figures so special, let’s take a look.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Rei Ayanami Maid Ani*Statue – The first child is first. No need to take her out of her case as it’s a design worth of display. Rei comes in a seated position with a fairly detailed chair, even sows wood design on the bottom. The cushion is crafted to fit her … backend with easy and keep her in position. Rei’s uniform is her signature blue with a yellow scarf and a great amount of detail in the lining an apron with bows. The frilly stockings and short skirt is what will give many a fan their guilty pleasure and the creators sure took a fair amount of time on Rei’s panties. All about fan service. Rei has a very serene, peaceful look on her face, not often seen in the anime. Her hands are gently in their appearance and the tea cup she holds look real enough to spill. The materials will hold up well as it’s not a very breakable material. A fine figure right down to her red eyes and blue hair. Rei does well by herself sitting in her chair but she has a partner we need to look at.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Sohryu Asuka Langley Maid Ani*Statue – The second child is second. Asuka was always the more extravagant of the two pilots but she is given a run for her money by Rei in this set. As Rei shows a rare peaceful look, Asuka shows a joy not seen too often either. First off Asuka comes with a white stand marked with the Nerv logo and has space for Rei’s chair, so both are needed for this set. The dress follows the same style as Rei but in Asuka’s red with a slight change to her choker and of course her panties show a bit more as she’s standing and prancing around. The tray she carries comes with a detailed tea pot, the compliment to Rei’s tea cup and the cake she carries is ready to eat with Asuka having a piece prepped on fork already. While both figures are almost identical in body and dress its Asuka’s prancing position vs. Rei’s sitting that highlights the personality difference in these two (and makes it tougher to put Asuka on your office desk).

Overall what these two figures highlight is the craftsmanship that buyers get with Kotobukiya and it’s worth noting the sweet Halo figures they have. Yes, these images may appeal to the guilty side of most readers but the end product cannot be denied. Far easier to display than the Lolita versions, these two figures show how timeless and classy an anime series can be. Check out more from FUNimation on PSN then check out not only these but other figures tied to your favorite video games. Visit a local specialty shop and see for yourself. These are the types of gifts that will surprise and delight and are just a few button presses online.

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