Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Deadman Wonderland vol. 1 Impression

Deadman Wonderland vol. 1
Twisted, sick and oh such a joy to read. Deadman Wonderland volume 1 from Tokyopop offers up a mystery filled story that kicks into high gear from page 1, never lets up on the throttle and brings the whole package to life with some of the best character design and art seen on the market.

The Great Tokyo Earthquake devastated many lives including those of the very young. One such child at the time was Ganta Igarashi. Having survived the devastation Ganta now goes to middle school and lives as normal a life as possible, until the “Red Man” shows up and rips Ganta’s classmates apart. For some reason Ganta is spared and accused of the crime, sentenced to death and sent to the unique and bizarre prison Deadman Wonderland. This prison is a privately held facility where the prisoners serve as entertainment in an amusement park unlike any other. Death sentences are carried out through brutal discipline and ‘accidents’ while each inmate is equipped with collars that inject poison daily, and the cure is only available through candy that must be purchased with prison money called CPS. These are just a few of the rules Ganta must deal with while also trying to prove his innocence, figure out who the Red Man is and learn about his unique new female friend Shiro. She’s quirky and seems to have a past with Ganta which he does not recall, but in order to survive Shiro’s help will be invaluable. Seems the prison has its own secrets, one of which is the Red Man, really known as the Original Sin, and Ganta is not as helpless as he seems, possible due to an occurrence when his classmates were killed. What is a new resident, a branch of Sin and why is Ganta in the middle? Things are just getting stared in Deadman Wonderland.

So I open with some pretty high praise but its worth is as the very Eureka 7 and Jinsei Katauka and Kazuma Kondou should be proud as the book is just gorgeous. The high quality paper, colored pages that begin the book is just the beginning. The characters from wimpy Ganta to Chief Prison Guard Makina are each unique and ooze a coolness that may not always be intended but is a carryover from the Eureka 7 compare. The character emotions are fantastic which is needed when a kid is accused of murder and thrown into one twisted prison. The background and settings are also very detailed and not one blood smear is left unaccounted for. Oh, this book is not for kids, very violent gruesome and tasty. The story matches the art as there is no buildup; Ganta is free then in prison. Most of the first volume goes in this flow. Ganta to school, to prison, intro to rules of prison, enter a deadly race, learn more about prison, encounter a branch of Sin, fight back and end. Yeah, it’s a lot of stuff going on and the mystery is there to be peeled back, but this is only the skin of the onion, so much more it will make you salivate as a reader wanting more.

Yeah, I get excited about this book. It’s beautifully illustrated and has a mature, action packed story. It’s been a long time since I’ve said 100% get this book, but I’m saying it now. Deadman Wonderland is that good.


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  2. Deadman Wonderland is awesome, the manga that is but the anime is very shabby and not really all that appealing and full of action like that of the manga. Good review though, you did good emphasizing the manga and how awesome it is.