Monday, December 14, 2009

Samurai Harem vol. 2 Impression

Samurai Harem volume 2 manga
Two new ladies join the ever expanding (and busty) cast of Samurai Harem: Asu No Yoichi in volume 2 from Tokyopop. The first volume brought to us by the creative Yu Minamoto set the stage for a very interesting harem manga but its volume 2 that takes it to a different level with not just a new busty lady but also another leading man … at least in the eyes of one student.

Yoichi finally has a problem he knows how to handle. School, girls and technology all confuse him, what with growing up in the mountains, but the arrival of Tsubasa and Angela change that. These two femme fatales have one purpose, to eliminate Yoichi and restore their clan to prominence. Ok, well at least Angela is out for blood, Tsubasa just wants to experience a normal school girl’s life and she’s even smitten by Washizu. So as Tsubasa tries to blend in, Angela takes it upon herself to kill Yoichi and in the end they both learn something about themselves. Does Yoichi end up dead? Nope, and he even gets a practice date with Ibuki much to the brooding worry of her sister Ayame. For Yoichi nothing is easy, but when you’re as oblivious as this country bumpkin, days just go by with no major trouble.

I love this book. It starts with the art, very sharp, well drawn and unique. While Yoichi is plain (duh, supposed to be) and Ibuki is ok, frankly a bit too busty, it’s her sisters that are unique looking, ditto for the new additions. Yes there are panty shots and very, very detailed lingerie (kinda odd for an assassin) but each character has a unique look. My favorite is Ayame, that trendy, pop culture and not too overly busty, but that’s just me. Angela’s white eyes really show that cold blooded killer in her, she is quite unique. The second thing I love about this series is the story, predictable yes, but I have a soft spot for this type of manga. Will Yoichi fall for Ibuki or Ayame or? What will the next funny encounter be? It’s not just the relationships but the new experience for Yoichi, seeing normal things from the perspective of one isolated for so long. Oh, there is also fighting, good fights with bullies, assassins and more, its good times.

Overall this second volume of Samurai Harem delivers the good, gets borderline … adult so kiddies stay away and really is a great read. It’s clean, crisp art takes a story that, while not totally original, nails what it is, a harem manga with great art and fun encounters. Check it out if Tenchi tickles your fancy but lacked in the boob or panty department.

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