Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pokemon Platinum: Arceus TCG Impression

Pokemon Arceus deck
A few months back we took a look at Pokémon Platinum: Rising Rivals trading card game (TCG) and enhancements, improvements to the theme decks and boosters. Now Pokémon is at it again with a new set of boosters and two new theme decks, but why get excited about this new deck? Simply put get excited for Arceus. There are a few tweaks to gameplay which Pokémon Platinum: Arceus brings to the table, the main one being a doozy. Let’s take a look and updates to this storied TCG franchise.

New Pokémon: Each new deck, booster, brings with it updates to or completely new Pokémon. The latest additions to this Platinum sub-set are Arceus as the title implies. These Pokémon as said to have shaped the Pokémon universe and they span all the elements so there is no true counter for an Arceus only deck. There are at least ten Arceus cards in these boosters and decks to choose from. Also introduced are shiny Pokémon Bagon, Ponyta, and Shin.

Unlimited Arceus: Major change in rules here is gamers can have as many Arceus in their deck as they desire. This is major as the Trainer and Stadium cards that affect Arceus could potentially be setup to cover an entire battle deck, quite advantageous for the gamer.

Rules from Pokémon SP: Few carryover rules also help out this deck. Team Galactic is back and still retain their icons on cards so they can enhance battles in addition to the SP ratings. The LV.X designations introduced in Diamond & Pearl remain which also further enhance battle conditions and powers, of course with their stated restrictions.

Overall, the Arceus additions will really change how some gamers update their decks. The name of the game is still the same, but now that this is the second series to include the LV.X and other Diamond & Pearl changes gamers know much better how to incorporate and play them. Now with Arceus the level goes up a notch and the only choice now it do gamers purchase the Flamemaster or Stormshaper decks … or both?

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