Monday, November 16, 2009

Pleasure Model Impression

Pleasure Model
Heavy Metal invokes memories of magazines with insane art, buff and bare ladies and men set in fantasy settings as well as one VHS at Blockbuster which housed a series of animated stories set in this same universe. Heavy Metal was that which a child of my age should not have seen but which is burned into my mind. Now as an adult I get to experience that first impression all over again with Pleasure Model from Tor which falls under the new Heave Metal Pulp: Netherworld Book 1 (whew!) heading. The story is written by Christopher Rowley with cover art by Gregory Manchess and interior art by Justin Norman. As I read Pleasure Model I was treated to a few characteristics which reminded me of my first encounters with Heavy Metal but left with an impression of having read a combination of Blade Runner and CSI. Let’s take a look at the story then head back to examination.

Rook has seen a lot of strange cases but his latest involving the murder of a high-ranking, former military commander will top any experience he’s ever had. While the murder seems fairly straight forward the discovery of an illegal pleasure mod as well as the strong arm tactics of some government agencies, Rook begins to think this murder was anything but. As his life is put into the cross hairs his suspicions are confirmed in a very explosive way. As Rook finds himself on the run with Plesur, the genetically grown, child-like pleasure mod, he must rely on friends old and new to stay alive long enough to unlock the secrets within Plesur. Hidden friends in the government, enemies in high-places with advanced weapons is just the beginning of what Rook must deal with, not to mention his growing feelings for Plesur.

The cover art fits in perfect with what Heavy Metal is known for. It’s erotic, seductive and menacing all at the same time. The internal art which breaks up the copy and chapters nicely, is just begging for its own fully fleshed out comics. The style gives readers just enough to form the entire Pleasure Model world and enhance the reading experience. The story is well told and follows a flow that only a murder can put into motion. Rook is an ordinary cop put into an extraordinary situation. The technology of the future from Rook’s very smart Nokia to internally implanted chips hints at a world much, much different than our own, yet containing the same wants and desires. What I’m getting at is this is our world in the future, almost a time before what’s seen in a film like Bladerunner. The sexual encounters, fetish encounters and settings all speak to what Heavy Metal is all about but this book is deeper, much deeper than just smut. The story is engaging, mystery just waiting to be solved and the conspiracy deep, so deep in fact this book is just the beginning.

Pleasure Model is not going to set any new standards in writing, but it does what it’s supposed to, and does it well. Reader get a fast paced action packed story that goes into the underbelly of society in a technological future where any fantasy or desire is possible down to genetically engineered mods. Rook’s adventure will hook readers are the mystery is more than half the fun, as is the budding emotions of Plesur … and just when it all gets really good, well you’ll just have to read to know what I’m talking about.

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