Friday, November 6, 2009

Nyko Zoom Case Nintendo DSi Camera Impression

Nyko Zoom Case
When it comes to the Nintendo DSi there are a lot, a ton of peripherals and add-ons. With the DSi there is one feature that’s not been expanded on until now and that’s the camera, the external facing camera to be specific. How good is the Nyko Zoom Case for the Nintendo DSi and is it worth the purchase? The answer ultimately depends on the user, how much they use the camera and it’s built in DSi features. Let’s take a look at a few angles …

Camera – The camera itself is very easy to use. Gamers attach the included DSi case, which will require removal of any other case. This case has a cover over the camera slot that is removed so the camera can be put in place. A very easy process and since there is not software needed it’s an easy function. The camera itself does a very good job of zooming but that’s it. Don’t expect this to make anyone a photo journalist but it does serve the purpose of getting up close without actually being up close. Picture quality is a bit grainy, depending on light, but overall is like being up close with the DSi. The lens weight can drag down the opened DSi potentially leading to the open/close function to loosen.

Case and Lens – The case is black which may turn off some gamers, but it’s easy to attached and kind weird looking without the camera. It takes nothing away from gaming, browsing, anything really and offer a quick and easy way to attach the camera. Removal of the case is also very easy. There are three color lenses included, red, green and blue, which do add some fun to the DSi features. A nice addition to a very serviceable camera.

Miscellaneous – The prices is $24.99. Not a bad price considering other case/stylus sets clock in anywhere from $5-15. The camera really is fun to use and with a good memory card can really allow gamers to show off their creative side.

Overall the Nyko Zoom Case for the Nintendo DSi is a good attachment considering the history of bad items on the market. Gamers can get up close in ways that could be awkward without the zoom. It would have been nice to see more control over the actual zoom the but the camera used for this article had a set zoom of 8x. Going from normal to 8x would have been great, and possible in the future, but if gamers are looking for a nice gift this holiday season for that picture crazy DSi gamer then they can’t go wrong with Nyko’s latest (and only) camera for the DSi.

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