Friday, November 13, 2009

Magikano DVD Impression

Magikano DVD Set
As far as harem anime go Magikano from FUNimation leaves a bit to be desired but it does have its charming points. This collection pulls together the three previously released DVD’s and bundles them into one nice package that warrants a look for fans of this genre. Magikano is not the best looking girl at the bar but if far from closing time fodder also, let’s take a look.

Haruo Yoshikawa’s family has a secret, one his sisters Maika, Chiaki and Fuyuno each know. They are witches with extraordinary power, which you’d think older brother Haruo would be aware of … if he was not 100% lacking in any power himself. One day a mysterious girl shows up and changes Haruo’s life forever. Ayumi is magic royalty, cursed to lose her power if she cannot help Haruo come into his own. Her method; serve as his live-in maid and try to get it on by any means possible. Add in one possessive class president, a way too obsessive sister and a non-too bright disciple of magic and the stage is set for a whole bunch of ladies trying to get and keep Haruo’s attention for a variety of reasons. The group encounters a pool ghost, spells causing love at first sight and dreams of interesting types as well as a bit of time travelling and a school event where the MVP wins a kiss. Nothing is normal for Haruo once Ayumi shows up and for Ayumi what begins as a mission of need turns into a labor of love as feelings grow. The ultimate goal is to awaken Haruo’s latent magic but seems he has a much deeper secret that only the most high in magic’s society know which could destroy two worlds.

So one geeky guy, tons of hot chicks mixed with crazy adventures and the growth of feelings and you’ve got the premise for a third of the DVD’s on any store shelf. So what does Magikano do to separate itself from its running mates? Nothing. Sorry folks but Magikano as an anime is not deep, not engaging and just not super special in any way. The art style is so-so; animation quality is mid-level and the characters forgettable. The plot and adventures try too hard; there is just not enough here to warrant more than a rental. Now the good thing is its one DVD collection, two discs, one set, so not too bad on the wallet, and while it did not float my boat there are those fans who just love any and every harem anime. That is the audience as far as I can see. It’s almost closing time, you could do worse, but also much better.

Oh, there is one thing I’ll always remember, kitty panties. Yes, cursed, magic increasing panties that are crude and reference smoothness and something itching its back; this is what I’ll remember from Magikano …kitty panties … yeah.

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