Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone DVD Impression

Evangelion 1.0 You Are Not Alone
One anime hooked me. One anime launched the golden age of anime in the 90’s. One anime defined excellence that is still rarely matched. Evangelion, odd endings and all, still holds a place as one of the top anime of all time. The character development, human emotions, controversial subject matter mixed with arguable the greatest anime soundtrack ever to deliver incredible mech action, if you can consider Eva’s mechs. The character design is still original and iconic with many a fanboy clamoring for the first and third child. High praise, I hope so, as Evangelion was and still is that special. The only knock on Eva today is, like many anime, it’s not aged well in the animation quality department, an issue that is now resolved with FUNimation’s release of Evangelion 1.0: You Are (Not) Alone on DVD.

Hideaki Anno’s sci-fi masterpiece has been unleashed for a new generation with some major changes. For sports fans imagine taking your favorite retried athlete and upgrading them into a modern version, yeah, it’s like Jordan in his prime going head to head with the best there is today. The story has not changed much as Shinji is still front and center with his fatherly issues intact. This first DVD, yes there will be more, introduces Shinji to NERV, the Eva’s, Rei and of course the Angels. It feels so familiar, and should, so why should non-diehard fans care?

Reason #1: The animation. This update looks incredibly sharp with little detail added in form ID cards to reflections in glass lens. Signature moments have been carried over from the original with enough new angles and looks that even the most seasoned fan will be pleased.

Reason #2: The design. Characters all look outstanding, and as they should. No major facelifts and this is a great thing as this is an iconic anime. The small changes to the angels add to their alien like nature. Tokyo-3 looks spot-on as it should; it’s Evangelion but just better.

Reason #3: The sound. The iconic music is back, nuff said. The voice actors have encountered a few changes, but so far Shinji and Misato are back in all their original glory and the cicada won’t stop buzzing in my head.

Reason #4: The story: It’s shorter and changed up just enough. No detail to be revealed here, the joy is seeing these changes, but lets just say the preview for volume 2, now that is where things are going to get very crazy and very new, yes new.

Overall it really is this simple. If you liked Evangelion before, buy this DVD, period. If you have heard of Evangelion, curios, buy this DVD. If you are an anime fan, buy this DVD. If you’ve read this article this far, buy this DVD. Yeah, I’m done; I say it’s that good.


  1. I decided that I would wait for the BD release of 1.11 to come out and then I'll watch this. I'm looking forward to it but now that I own a Blu-ray player, I'm holding out for a BD release.