Wednesday, November 25, 2009

5 Reasons to pick PlayStation 3

It really does do everything. The PlayStation 3 did not start the current console war with a bang. A higher price point, stiff competition from Xbox 360, especially online, and the emergence of the Wii and its casual following combined to slow adoption of Sony’s incredibly powerful gaming, Blu-ray beast of a machine. While the start may not have been as strong as desired a marathon is never won in the first few miles. The race is in full swing now that Sony has dropped the gloves by dropping the price, a move both Microsoft and Nintendo have implemented also. So what helps separate PS3 from the rest of the pack? We take a look at five reasons to pick PS3 based on recent system updates, features and some hands on time with the system.

Price – $299 is the message behind the commercials and as the tagline says this system really does everything. Many Blu-ray players have dropped in price, but none offer such a powerful gaming system along with wireless functionality, downloadable content and the next bullet on this list, features.

– The latest software update, version 3.10, has one feature that is going to be huge, a sync with Facebook. Gamers can now share the games they play and trophy collection proudly on Facebook. Tweaks to the photo gallery have also been added and for those picture fanatics out there this is a way to share all your photos in HD, set them to music as a slide show during a party, it’s very flexible. Sony also gives PS3 owners a very manageable music interface, tons of downloadable content and a new Netflix streaming feature that only requires owners to have an account with Netflix to utilize the features. This is all in HD from Facebook to Netflix … anyone mention games yet?

Enhanced Blu-ray
– Starting with the Godzilla Blu-ray, movie owners will receive a code to download a portable, digital copy of the movie. Start the movie on the go with PSP; finish it at home on PS3 or vice versa. Sony Pictures is fast adopting this feature and with Blu-ray the format of note now other studios are following along. Blu-ray as a format is still not even close to filling its potential and more and more movies are loading up on the special features, yet another reason to go Blu-ray and PS3.

Outside the Home
– The PSP and PSPgo both offer outlets for the downloadable content but their remote play sync with PlayStation 3 open up a whole new world to a connected society that keeps going and going and going. Authorize your PSP and access all the media, music, photos, and video on the PS3 at home while on the road. Have a camera hooked up, check-in on the house, even turn off the system if the kiddies are not supposed to be gaming, nanny cam for a new generation. The PSP and its most recent software update, version 6.20, also adds to Sony’s overall appeal with Digital Comics from Marvel to mention one publisher, and SensMe, a music application which groups a gamers tunes and a new lineup of lower priced casual games … but more on those later with a look at PSP and PSPgo.

– Of course, finally the games. Read the features above and the PS3 is worth the price on those features alone but add in titles like Uncharted 2 and the God of War collection and its case closed. Exclusive titles are limited so a robust download offering helps and it’s an area Sony is quickly improving on. They did not do online gaming right the first time around, but check out the upcoming title MAG and things are looking up.

Sony has stepped up its game with features and selling points that range from social media to pictures and of course the games. This holiday season the battle for market share is going to be spectacular. Will the winner be Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo? Sony is putting one hell of a foot forward, and when the game gets moved to this level only gamers can benefit … and now non-gamers too.

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  1. I have to mention the one thing this system lacks that trumps even Blu-Ray playability: HALO...

    Granted, I'm a full-blown read-all-of-the-novels type of hard-core Halo fan, but still... No other system released has come up to the bar that Microsft and Bungie set with the release of those games...

    Nevertheless, I DO plan to make the PS3 my Blu-Ray player when I get around to buying one...