Thursday, October 8, 2009

Pangya: Fantasy Golf on PSP Impression

Originally posted on The Examiner on October 7, 2009

Ask most gamers what comes to mind with the word golf and its Tiger Woods PGA. While Tiger covers the most obvious, realistic title others such as Mario Golf and Hot Shots have provided a more comical, very well done experience. It’s into this category that Pangya: Fantasy Golf on PSP falls. Based on an MMO of the same name, Pangya offers solid golf on the go with a very anime inspired fantasy spin. A great title that fills a dual need on the PSP for a good, unique game and a great sports game there are other reasons to give Pangya a spin; let’s take a look …

Gameplay – It’s video game golf. The mechanics are good with a few power-ups never dreamed of in real life. The courses are fantasy based with incredible settings and course quirks but overall it’s a solid golf game that has nothing cheap about it. There is also a very deep customization, over 1,300 to be exact, that gamers can enact on their golfers so it’s fun to play dress up. This customization also offers a very RPG feel as different clothing can make a golfer hit further, putt better etc so it’s not all window dressing.

Graphics – Beautiful in all it’s colorful glory. Each course looks great on the PSP with all fantasy elements felt by the golfer. The players themselves look very anime, which is the desired direction. Each piece of customized clothing, clubs, and caddies (loose term) also look great. Think of Hot Shots Golf and make the characters a bit more accurately proportioned and this is how Pangya looks.
Sound – Cute opening, very anime, song will have gamers thinking this is an anime. In game not much sound to speak of besides some elevator-esque music. Much better to turn sound down and enjoy a good iPod mix in place of the golf claps and cheers.

Design – The characters are anime 101, great looking and fitting their personalities. The design star in this fare are the courses which match their player counterparts and get tougher as the tournaments move on. Three is a very nice level of difficulty on each course, nicely done.

Miscellaneous – The lack of competition. The PSP is lacking in quality titles and besides Tiger’s outing there I not much for sports fans, especially non-EA fans, to get excited about. Pangya hit earlier this year and may be overlooked by many gamers due to its cute girl cover, but this is one solid, fun, deep, replayable golf outing.

Overall, Pangya is solid. The miscellaneous line above sums this up pretty well. Looking for a solid golf game with a lean to the left of realism then Pangya: Fantasy Golf on PSP must be in your bag.

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