Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Naruto Shippuden on Disney XD

Guess what, Disney is not just for kids anymore. Naruto Shippuden is joining Disney XD's lineup beginning on Wednesday, October 29th with four, YEAH FOUR, back-to-back episodes. This starts up at 8:30 and why this is of great interest is it’s more anime on TV. Adult Swim used to hook up anime, but has since scaled back to one night and other channels, non-anime channels, have shows from time to time with SyFy’s anime Monday’s and shows sprinkled into the lineups of other channels. Really nothing of serious note until now. Naruto is a big name, a great series and trust me; it’s going to get very dark very soon. What Disney does is help legitimize anime a bit more and put it’s massive marketing machine behind it like no other anime has ever experience … at least that’s my gut feeling. Lets wait and see how things go but for now find out where you have Disney XD (and if you don’t, begin bitching) and check in with these episodes.

Homecoming: 8:30pm – A fearless teen trains to become a ninja while battling the demon that lives inside of him. Sequel to "Naruto," a popular anime series. In the opener, Naruto returns to his home place after two-and-a-half years and receives his first assignment.

The Akatsuki Makes Its Move: 9:00pm – Naruto and Sakura challenge Kakashi to a survival test to show off their skills.

The Results of Training: 9:30pm – Naruto's years of training pay off in a battle with Kakashi.

The Jinchuriki of the Sand: 10:00pm – An aerial battle takes place between Deidara and Gaara; Kankuro assembles troops to fight Akatsuki.

Oh, btw, if you are a fan this should make you happy. True uncut episodes can be purchased from Viz, so if these showings do scale down some of the gore relax, it’s great exposure that will help the series you love, give more merchandise and you can still get uncut episodes (yeah, said it twice) so chill and enjoy. Also Disney purchased Marvel, don’t see too much changing there unless Mickey joins the X-Men … hmmmm …


  1. Wow first I've heard of this! I used to watch Disney so much when I was younger but haven't seen anything interesting on it recently. I'm impressed they're taking on anime. A little worried, but overall the exposure is a good thing.

  2. great, i haven't watched Naruto in forever, im so excited!