Thursday, October 29, 2009

Inukami! vol. 4 Impression

A battle with death and more beauties to contest with ... and this is a bad thing why?

Inukami! volume 4 manga
Inukami! is a fun manga with great art. If that’s not to the point enough for you volume 4 of Inukami! from Tor/Seven Seas Publishing shows what makes this a great series and also (at times) a frustrating one. Let me explain after a quick look at the story.

Kaita and Yoko take on a new job after being approached by the butler to the wealthy Shindo family. The job is simple, protect Kei Shindo as she is about to turn 20. The catch is the Shindo family is cursed as each member and anyone trying to protect them, will die on their 20th birthday, carried off by Death himself. The history of the Shindo family is a sad one, but it means nothing for Keita and Yoko as they are determined to face down Death and begin training to do so. They get an added advantage as Death seems to not be the best time keeper and he makes an early appearance thus showing some of his power. The clock is ticking on Kei. Will Keita and Yoko be able to save her or will they follow her to the grave?

Yup, that’s it for story which is my main frustration. The story is way too short as a third of the book is a ‘bonus’ story titled Inukami Girl’s Academy. This story is fun, about Yoko and Keita in a school, but I for one would much rather have had the fight with Death. There is not too much exploration into Yoko and Keita’s relationship and just when we get to the good stuff, the fight, its bonus manga time. Just feels a bit jipped. If this was not a good manga I would not be bothered, but it is good thus I’m a bit peeved. The art is excellent, all I’ll say there. New characters, Shindo’s butler for example, a pure trip in his wrestling shorts, and Death ... not exactly what one expects death to look like. So the art of Mari Matsuzawa and story by Mamizu Arisawa continues to deliver, just not enough of it.

Overall this is a very good series that fans of the awkward love, violent love, human/demon love will dig. Pick up a copy and know this. If you like volume 1, volume 4 will just continue to entertain.

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