Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Battlestar Galactica: Echoes of New Caprica manga Impression

Battlestar Galactica Manga
Battlestar Galactica: Echoes of New Caprica from Tokyopop offers fans of the Sci-fi show a chance to look back at events during and after the occupation of New Caprica. These side stories feel plucked from the show with their grit and harsh reality. Three stories, three chances to go back to a dark time for the survivors of New Caprica. The show may be over but the stories and legacy live on.

Teachers Pet – Laura Roslin, relieved of her presidential duties, continues her role as teacher to the children. As she tries to keep the history of the colonies alive not only is she working against Cylons but also traitors, children even. As her learning plans are stripped back more and more she must work to uncover just who is betraying their fellow students all while living under the rule of they Cylons.

This story shows Laura doing what she does, fighting for her belief but in the classroom. The use of children in war may sound taboo but it’s not. This story lacks in background as reader, fans of the show know Roslin taught but not this aspect. A decent story but the cartoony art, not really manga, not really comic is lacking.

Shelf Life – Dealing with traitors, a key plot point in the show but seeing how it began, the inner workings and choices made by Tom Zarek for the better of the fleet, now this is the dark story deserving of the new Battlestar. The story is straight; Zarek makes the choices a leader must that include their downfall and blame. The art is so-so, thick black lines but gets the job done much better than Teachers Pet.

Visitation – Kara Thrace, aka Starbuck, had a child, or at least she thought she did. A trick, but a real child. She must deal with taking back her child, crossing lines that only a broken mind would cross. A story of one going a bit crazy but one which closes the door left open in the series.

The best story of the group as it really gets into the cracked mind of Kara. Seeing how different the population lives; very chilling and real. Now the art is very kind as Kara is hot in this story, but come on, it’s not realistic. The best, most realistic art in the series but not realistic as how the actors look. The backgrounds are non-existent putting much emphasis on the characters.

Overall all three stories give a glimpse into what else happened, which is exactly what readers should want and expect. The art is a mixed bag as is the storytelling. Both get better as the page numbers grow but for only three stories, kinda disappointment. Unless you are a Battlestar fan then do not bother, knowledge of the series is needed to enjoy these stories. For those who are fans you get three stories to take you back to a dark time that begs revisiting.

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