Saturday, September 5, 2009

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl DVD box set 1 Impression

Ash is back and as his voice and friends change the adventure remains the same. A new rival, new running mate and tons of new Pokémon wait in the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl DVD set 1 from Viz. There is no denying Pokémons appeal as it’s decade spanning success is testament but why should fans of the anime, video games, toys and trading card game get excited about this latest DVD release, lets take a look.

Her name is Dawn – Dawn is the primary focus from the beginning as she looks to follow in her mother’s footsteps as a top Pokémon Coordinator. A job that’s a bit different from the adventuring that Ash takes on. There have been strong female characters in past Pokémon series but Dawn is the first to really take control and reinvent the new to catching them all that fans fell in love with when Ash first met Pikachu. While Ash and Brock are present, bridging the gap from the previous series, Dawn opens up a whole new aspect, that of the Coordinator.

New Pokémon – What is a new Pokémon anything without some new cuties taking center stage and a new region, the Sinnoh region. Apon is front and center for Ash as are a ton of new(er) Pokémon such as Turtwig. The story and concepts remain on a relatively similar path but the introduction of new Pokémon, seeing them in action outside the video game, this is the joy that is watching Pokémon.

Something old, something new – Ash and Brock as like brothers to so many that have grown with Pokémon and being able to continue adventuring with them is a treat for fans. The something new is Paul, stepping up to be Ash main rival. He is brash and competitive and does not have that connection with his Pokémon, something Ash takes in on with. Team Rocket is also back, but they are clumsy as ever.

Overall Diamond & Pearl is more of the same with a few new tweaks. Ash and Brock journey, battle, collect and meet new people. That’s the same old. Dawn is the wild card as she is learning so many lessons, ones Ash is now guiding her on, while introducing a new role, the Coordinator, in much great detail. For fans of Pokémon this is a no-brainer to pick-up and for new, younger fans, this is an excellent jumping in point as they can follow Dawn from the start and learn everything from scratch. Pokémon just keeps on rolling.

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