Thursday, September 24, 2009

Bleach: The 3rd Phantom DS impression

I just posted this over on The Examiner so check out the intro, then head over to The Examiner for the rest ...

Anime and video games go hand-in-hand … in Japan. A successful anime will always spawn a gaming adventure if not a franchise. Here in the states this has not been the trend, due in large part to anime still being very niche even with the expanded content available. Titles like Dragon Ball Z and Naruto are recognizable to even the non-anime fan and gamer and Shonen Jump’s Bleach is hot on their heels. While not as well known as the other titles, Bleach still maintains a spot on Adult Swim and is one of the most stylish, deep and plain outstanding manga and anime series yet to be released in the States. The latest game offering for Bleach, titled Bleach: The 3rd Phantom for the Nintendo DS, does not take the usual anime game route that of a fighting game, but instead places gamers into a strategy RPG. While this may seem like an odd mix it works very well and both anime and strategy gamers should take notice, here’s why posted on The Examiner, enjoy!


  1. That dude on the right, looks like Urahara while he was still in Soul Society lol.

  2. thanks for the tips. looks like they worked for you…i haven’t read all the comments but i’m pretty sure that’s been said already.
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