Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Q2 2009 gaming report

Each quarter I take a look back at the best games to hit each system for that three month window. This started on Comics Alliacne, carried over to AnimeSentinel and has shifted to The Examiner. The latest version is for Q2 of this year, April, May and June. This is not a financial calendar, it’s just regular ol’ three months snippets. Each system is graded, not on it’s overall power, not on it’s past library but only on retail, on the shelf games released that quarter. How did each system fare in what is truly the dog days of … Spring for gamers? Lets just say that Prototype and inFAMOUS alone were not enough to prop up the next-gen’s while the DS and Wii did not do too bad with a nice mixture. Read each review below.

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