Monday, August 10, 2009

InuYasha Season 7 DVD Box Set Impression

Is that it? Is it really over? InuYasha Season 7 DVD set from Viz will leave viewers and fans wondering this as it’s a bittersweet ending to a great animated run, one that just feels as if it comes up a bit short.

The actions of the present come into focus as a different version of InuYasha’s and Kikyo’s history is told, the one where Naraku intervened to turn the two against each other to obtain the sacred jewel. He’s been at the root of all issues since the beginning. As the action heats up Naraku continues to work his schemes, this time against the bird queen, Princess Abbi to expose their path to the land of the dead. Seems there is a jewel shard in that land, one that present issues to InuYasha, causes a confrontation with Naraku as well as the arrival of his brother Sheshomeru. As the battles end InuYasha is left with a new skil, the Adamant Barrage, and for the battles to come he will need the power. As they return to the land of the living Kohaku continues to hide his awareness and carries out the will of Naruku, unleashing a plague of rats on the land. Confrontations resolved Kagome heads back to school and InuYasha follows only to confront his toughest opponent yet, Kagome’s bicycle. The bad-boy boyfriend is finally revealed and Kagome is mortified for the experience. More encounters wait including a betrothal to a lake demon, Shippo possession and encounter with a very old demon posing as a mountain. And it ends … what? The final fight with Naruka takes place but something is missing.

Yeah, it ends; the series is over as far as the animated version goes. Seven seasons is a long time and through it all InuYasha never lost any of its charm, signature animation or humor. This was a great series but the ending sucks. Yes the manga ties things up much better but this is one InuYasha fan feeling a bit empty. Seven seasons, a few movies, and a feeling of something incomplete. Actually the movies did a great job of killing Naraku or some other major story point a tied up right at the beginning but that feeling is missing from this final volume. Dang, just not much more to add here, really good series, very memorable but just a feeling of WTF at the end. Sometimes the journey is better than the destination. Such is the case with InuYasha where the destination is my local Borders to get the manga.


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