Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gaming Images: Fate/unlimited codes and The Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces

I usually don’t callout too many gaming images but here are two exceptions to the rule, both posted on The Examiner. Why, because they both appeal to niche anime/manga titles. The first, Fate/unlimited codes, is where it all begins for Fate/stay night, the anime (Geneon, FUNimation) and manga (Tokyopop) that is based on the long running gaming franchise in Japan. It’s coming out on PSP and it’s about dang time US gamers got a taste of the sweet Holy Grail war. The pics show off characters from the game, of course not in actual pixel form, but still fun to look at. The second game is based on The Sky Crawlers which saw DVD and Blu-ray release by Sony earlier this year. The movie was ok and could have used more action and this is where the game looks to head with aerial combat but a different, future, storyline. Odd title for the Wii to pickup but one fans of the anime should dig.

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