Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Darker Than Black vol. 5 Impression

More history revealed in volume 5 of Darker Than Black from FUNimation. The crisp animation and fast-paced action loses no steam What’s next for Hei, let’s find out.

When normal humans encounter a Contractor in action, and survive, they usually have their memories erased. This is not the case for Huang who was allowed to retain his memory and eventually joins the syndicate. His first encounter and it’s surfacing in the present come to a head in a story of betrayal and double-crossing. A series of bombings rock the city and investigators seem to think the American embassy is next, but they refuse the help of local police. Old enemies resurface, ones where blood is more deadly than weapons and Amber reveals more of her team, involvement with Dr. Schrader and that Contractors can have feelings and regret. More story is revealed but the final confrontation is still cloudy.

So already touched on animation, hey its volume 5 folks, not a lot new here. The story is also more of the same, four episodes, two two-part stories, good stuff. History revealed all characters and players known so now the clock starts on the final volume. Surprising that for a fifth volume more of the final plan is not revealed but we know it will involve Amber and Hei but what happened in South America … volume 6 will tell.

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