Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Claymore DVD vol. 6 Impression

Claymore DVD Volume 6
The best action is saved for last in this sixth volume of Claymore from FUNimation. The battle with Rigaldo reveals there is more to Claire, much more than the lowest ranking Claymore should have to hide.

Claire steps up and pusher her limits to take on Rigaldo, a level of power even her secret sharing Claymore are worried about. Her body undergoes rapid transformations as she awakens her lower body to gain more speed. As she battles Raki arrives and sees exactly what Claire is. Well past her limits Claire finally bests Rigaldo, a feat shocking to everyone, even the young Pricilla. Upon seeing Claire’s power the adolescent Pricilla reverts to her awakened state and takes on Claire as she mistakes her for Teresa. As she grows Isley revels what occurred with Pricilla, why she is young, why she repressed her memory. The remaining Claymore pursues this new battle as they realize Claire is not capable of winning alone even with her secret revealed. Claire consumed not the flesh of a Yoma but Teresa, in order to become a Claymore. A little test by the Organization that begins to show why Claire possesses such power. As the battle wages Pricilla fully awakens, a terrifying proposition as the power she possessed before was enough to wipe out a team of high number Claymore. Claire makes the choice to go beyond her limit to fight and the battle turns in her favor with a price. A sacrifice is made, a friend confronts Claire and she is brought back from beyond her limits all the while Isley watches on. The battle over, neither for good or bad, it’s time for Claire and Raki to go their way with a promise to unite with their fellow Claymore later and take on the Organization.

This battle was not in the manga. This parting of ways, reuniting of Claire and Raki was not in the manga. It’s different, way different but that can happen with a manga and anime for the same story. The art is same as ever, unique but not as good as the manga. The action is crazy fast in this volume with these two final battles, Rigaldo and Pricilla. It is by far the best volume and offers up action not seen to this point, superb to say the least. While the action, character development, sacrifice is all top notch the parting of ways, the overall ending leaves a WTF feeling. If, (big if) there is a second season of Claymore then the fight with the other Creatures of the Abyss and confrontation with the Organization will all come to a head but that is not the feeling one gets at the end of this volume. More like a nod to fans enjoy the anime but get the full story in the manga.

Overall a really good series that fans of the manga will enjoy, but like me, say huh at the very end. For fans jumping into Claymore I suggest picking up the manga with volume 12. It’s a bit different from the anime but continues the story, quite good.

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