Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Punisher: No Mercy on PlayStation Network

(Also published on The Examiner)
The Punisher: No Mercy is a first-person shooter to be played on the PlayStation 3. The cost, about $10, the hook, it’s downloadable. For quite a few years the downloadable space consisted of puzzle games, add-ons and just smaller apps. Now gamers are seeing the evolution of downloadable content thanks to better connection speeds and the desire of publishers not to spend on physical disc productions. For ten bucks, roughly two rentals, gamers get a pretty robust shooter with a great FPS license attached in The Punisher. Marvel heroes have had a mixed bag when it comes to games and this release is a low risk approach that works. No shipping, production, shelf space cost, no worries about the mature content (which Wal-Mart for example tends not to carry) or the shoddy past of Punisher games. This is right there in digital format for gamers for an easy price. The trailer below shows off what seems to be a fairly engaging FPS built on the Unreal Engine 3 this title is offering up some fun multi-player that again does not take a $60+ commitment from gamers and their buddies. There is single-player also but let’s take a look back at the point we started with.

Gamers are now getting full, downloadable, less expensive gamers to play online with their buddies or alone that are not some schlock from the backend of big name publishers. This is the beginning of something truly special for gamers so take a look at The Punisher: No Mercy, download if desired and enjoy where the gaming landscape is headed.

The Punisher: No Mercy - PSN Trailer

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