Friday, July 31, 2009

Orange Crows vol. 1 Impression

A little bit Tim Burton, a bit J.K. Rowling. Lofty comparisons, but for anyone that picks up Orange Crows volume 1 from Tokyopop the reasons will become apparent. This is not a 1:1 knockoff but rather the third cousin twice removed from Harry Potter and any Burton feature.

Cierra is a witch, left in the wilderness for five years for the crime of trying to create her own magic. Having survived in this deadly land Cierra is recruited back into the ranks of witch society she was cast from by the best friend she injured. The choice was pretty much non-existent, return or be killed. Having survived her banishment Cierra must now try to discover her place in life, her role with the S.W.S., Special Witch and Warlock Squadron the Orange Crows and how to deal with her new leader who just happens to be her old best friend Natalie. As Cierra meets the … unique members of Orange Crows she is sent on a mission with them which reveals her inner power, a left eye which can absorb magic but at what cost? In this land where fairies are evil and prey on witches will having such power make Cierra an asset or just another outcast?

The comparisons mentioned earlier hold true in this story crafted by James Perry II with art by Ryo Kawakami. First the art has an edge and style just made for Hot Topic t-shirts, bags and whatever else they sell now. It’s like a Tim Burton film, with a morbid, dark and gothic style that is just that, stylish. Gotta love the talking hats which turn our attention to the story and Harry Potter comparison. No this is not a school for wizards but the world of magic is, rules and society with various levels from the poor to elite, this is the ties that bind to Harry Potter. But where Harry has his normal human world the outside in Orange Crows is full of killer fairies and outcast rebels who pirate the skies as fairies thus creating the need for the S.W.S. So that is the basics but why a reader would and should come back is the background on Cierra’s mother, whom she keeps trying to duplicate with her illegal work and the eye. That little experiment that got her banished also gave a unique eye with fairy powers that can both empower and consume her.

Overall the art is excellent and the story mixes in humor, decent background, funny and quirky characters and just enough questions left unanswered and to be revealed to really wet the appetite of readers. Not too much like traditional manga, but that’s a good thing as Orange Crows is unique and fun to read.

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