Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hayate Cross Blade vol.3 Impression

Shizuru Hayashiya has created a very fun and enjoyable series in Hayate Cross Blade but in volume 3 there is a deep Keeling of been there, done that which just nags this manga fan. Hayate is still a fine series but keeping it fresh in a combat manga where one moves up the ranks is not an easy task. No doubts that the series will keep moving ahead, it is very popular, but why did it hit a snag, lets see.

Ayana and Hayate continue to move up the ranks and its time for another battle as the duo must take on Ayana’s roommate Kuga Jun and her ever sick sister-in-arms Shizuma Yuho. The history behind this rivalry is revealed and no quarter is given as Ayana honors Kuga Jun with a worthy match.

Short synopsis, the same a what is says in the book but what else can I add. The story takes a familiar path with Ayana and Hayate facing an opponent with a grudge. There is history told followed by some intense fighting. Hayate’s humor continues and does not get old but most of the story revolves around history … again. The encounters with the yakuza girl’s mother is funny and what makes this series such a joy to read, but do we need to know every detail about every major opponent? Can’t a fight just happen with little to no talking at least once in a while? The girls are moving up the ranks and the fights look to get even crazier so we have that to look forward to as fans so if you feel as I do about volume 3, don’t fret too much. The excellent design really focus on the characters in volume 3, backgrounds are inconsequential and while the story hits a lull this beast of a manga will not remain slumbering for long.

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