Sunday, July 5, 2009

Buso Renkin DVD Box Set 2 Impression

While feeling like a Bleach lite after its first DVD collection the second Buso Renkin DVD set from Viz distinguishers the series as unique and utterly enjoyable. How is this possible in a series that felt like just another action series, let’s count the ways with a quick look at the story. Oh, I do talk about some very cool points so don’t ruin it for yourself, just know the series gets really good and is totally worth the purchase … its anime fun.

The battle with Victor begins as Kazuki himself undergoes his own transformation due to a black Kakugane. After the intense encounter and the departure of Victor the group decides to head to the beach for some fun in the sun and little do they realize the end of their normal lives. Seems that Kazuki’s new power comes with a price that has marked him for extermination by the same Captain Bravo he called a mentor. Dubbed Victor III, Kazuki is now the hunted and the extermination is put into motion. Tokiko and a new warrior named Gota decide to abandon their post and help Kazuki avoid the newly formed re-extermination squad and seek out a course of action to save Kazuki. The solution lies in Victor’s past with his not so dead wife and daughter. As history is explored Kazuki must not only battle the re-extermination squad but old foe Papillon and Victor one final time. As the battle with Victor shifts into high gear the Alchemist Warriors and the Great Warrior Chief must put in motion plans that call on friend and foe alike and the path to Kazuki’s fate are laid bare.

Hmmmm, ok so I really wanted to reveal the entire story but I’ve left out just enough so the ending will give the same feeling I had, a very pleased feeling. This series did feel very much like Bleach but that took a turn with Kazuki’s transformation, and no this is not a mirror of Ichigo’s inner hollow. There is a much deeper emotional connection in this second half of Buso Renkin as characters really begin to grow on the viewer, especially Kazuki in all his bravado and sacrifice. Even a character like Victor has a very sympathetic history. The ending surprised this anime vet and for that I must recommend it. Some series take a few episodes to hit their stride, it just took about 14 for Buso Renkin to hook me. The animation is actually a bit sub-par for such a short series. It has a feel of a longer series like DBZ or Naruto, good but not great, which is really not acceptable for a short run series. This may be reflective of the source manga but still could have been helped along in the animation process.

Overall, so-so anime aside if you are an anime fan, an action fan wanting a fun and exciting series that does not last for 50-100+ episodes then check out Buso Renkin. It shares a lot in common with the Bleach’s of the world which is a good thing. Hey, not everyone can marry the super model but they can take her less attractive little sister out for a few dates.

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