Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Schoolgirl Milky Crisis Impression

Schoolgirl Milky Crisis, a book I’ve had for a few months now and one which I’m still reading, for good reason. Unlike most books this collection of work, articles, speeches, insight from Jonathan Clements is the perfect … throne room read. This book is so tasty in bite size chunks, each section captures a unique angle, a different look at the world of anime and manga as well as related industries. Reading like greatest hits of Clements work this book is a very enjoyable read for anime and manga fans everywhere. If you want to get official anime, check out Clements co-authored Anime Encyclopedia and the Dorama Encyclopedia, but if you’re looking for some funny stories that only a lifer in the industry would know, well then look no further than Schoolgirl Milky Crisis … it’s worth the pickup just to understand the title. Props also to Steve Kyte’s illustrations, very nice.

Who is Jonathan Clements; in a nutshell he is an anime/manga lifer, a translator, voice actor, co-author, public speaker, interviewer, insider … his is what any anime and manga journalist wants to become when they look back on their career. He is worthy of your attention as these stories cannot be made up, the lectures cannot be attended. Learn from one in the know as it’s not often someone like Clements comes along with such a mixture of East, West and everything in-between. That’s who Clements is to me, but check out some of the sections from the book that make it a must have for all anime fans …

Behind the Scenes – Insider knowledge like this only comes from getting, well, behind the scenes with music, dubbing and more less than glamorous task.

Interviews and Profiles – Big-time interviews, nuff said.

Five Girls Named Moe: The Anime Erotic – A speech given on anime porn, hentai, in Wales, and the chapter name is worthy of a book in and of itself.

Around the World – Anime and manga outside Japan, even in Europe.

Rubber Monsters – Godzilla to Power Rangers, a staple of anime that is not anime. Chapter title would have had totally different meaning if put after the Anime Erotic chapter.

Chinese Animation – An extension of around the world, but takes a closer look at some top titles in China which ya gotta figure will hit the States.

Industries and Marketries – Making a buck, from creator to the public’s hands, a madhouse that could be its own anime.

Highbrow Skills in a Lowbrow Medium: Translation Japanese Animation – Speech from UK, different but great view of not just translating but how it’s an art, a true skill.

Toy Stories – High hopes for this section, but nope, did not like (one part of book now down with, just did not dig it).

Manga Goes to Hollywood – look at more western type anime as well as very Hollywood Spriggan titles. How good is the Hollywood influence on anime, you gotta read.

Digital Animation – Look at digital, from a speech, good or bad it’s here from Ghost in the Shell on.

Obits and Memories – Interesting, not see in most books, but a look at those who have left us, their legacy on the industry and why readers need to care.

Overall, Schoolgirl Milky Crisis is a truly unique read, great source material for a research paper (hint to you folks in college) and one hell of a legacy for Jonathan Clements. One only has their current life to live so why not take a look at Clements life and the adventures he’s had in the anime and manga trade.

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