Wednesday, June 24, 2009

NYX #1 Comic Impression

NYX volume 1
Written by Marjorie M. Liu, art by Kalman Andrasofszky, NYX follows a young mutant named Kiden Nixon. Published by Marvel Comics (CONFIRM), NYX takes on the tougher challenge presented to mutants, not foes and bad guys, but fitting in, living a normal life and avoiding being a target.

Kiden is one of the few, less than 200, mutants left on the planet, She has built a life for herself but how long will her normal existence remain? Living in a small apartment with three other mutants, Kiden does what she can to scrape by. Meeting rent is a challenge when the landlord targets just Kiden but even with these challenges life still moves on. A troubled past is slowly catching up with Kiden and what happened over the past 48 hours that’s put her into a very tight situation. Seems not all mutants get to face their foes in the form of a super villain, some must cope with a life as normal and you and I.

So the story synopsis is really quick as this is just the first issue of NYX. Readers can get the full series but looking at just this first issue a few things need to be chatted about. First up the art of Andrasofszky; it’s got a realism not seen in most Marvel titles. Minus the mutant thing this could be a story about a real ‘family’ facing real issues with real body types (no Jim Lee spandex heroes here). The art really touches on the writing of Liu. What is great about this story, in volume 1, is readers get to see a mutant that could be a real person. Kiden if very flawed, has a very dark and troubled past and seems like so many missing children. The story points are driven home by the NY settings and art style. A mutant who is scared to head back to school, who is just trying to make rent, this is a really well told story and the ending is just a great cliff hanger.

Overall the story and art mix perfectly to tell an excellent tale (one volume in) that more refined comic readers will dig. I wish you could hear the partial sarcasm in the refined comment. As a younger reader I wanted nothing but action but over time grew to appreciate a great story, fine growth in characters and a few good mysteries to be revealed. As an adult NYX really hits on the type of story I’m looking for, an evolved mutant story, and a mature mutant story. Since I hate waiting for the next chapter I’m off to buy the entire series and have to say I encourage anyone looking for a realistic mutant story to do the same.

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