Friday, June 12, 2009

NEW PEOPLE, Center of Everything J-Pop

What is J-Pop? NEW PEOPLE will have the answer to that and much more when it opens in San Francisco in August of 2009. Founded by Seiji Horibuchi, NEW PEOPLE will be a must visit destination for fans of J-Pop, even culture buffs. The location will be over 20,000 square feet and located at 1745 Post Street. So the question is still there, what is J-Pop? It’s Japanese Pop Culture and its influence is on the streets, in anime and manga and right before your eyes and you may not even know. NEW PEOPLE will trace the evolution of J-Pop as it’s evolved in both the states and over seas.

Visitors can look forward to checking out several fashion labels making their debut on the second floor. There will also be art galleries to check out, looks at film, anime, fashion and more all around J-Pop. It will be a truly immersive experience in the heart of Historic Japantown. With three years of development time it’s gotta be something special and according to the press release the cinema will be …

“The spacious 143-seat underground cinema space is equipped with cutting edge High Definition digital projection and THX®-certified sound and is the soul of the NEW PEOPLE experience. Its core focus will be on some of the latest and hottest films from Japan, as well as an incredible legacy of classics, documentaries and anime – making it the only cinema of its type in the United States. These film genres are some of the most recognizable examples of Japanese pop culture and have captured the world’s attention.”

There is much more to be seen, outlined in the press release here. Overall this is really something to get excited about. Any true anime fan knows there are local shops to visit and get goods from, plenty of sites online to find J-Pop items but an experience like NEW PEOPLE could turn into an anime Mecca, a must visit. Heck, just the fashion alone will be worth the trip. Trust me on this one, being able to order online is great, but seeing products in hand, feeling them, it’s so much better and that’s just one floor of NEW PEOPLE. Check in as we’ll have more info as it present itself and don’t forget to check out the official site for some just released fashion info.

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