Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Naruto Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising E3 game trailer

Namco Bandai rolled out three new Dragon Ball titles at E3 and of course a new Naruto, but with a bit of a twist. This is not the next-gen, Shippuden based beast that would make PlayStation 3 owners drool, nope, it’s a PSP title set in Shippuden story-arc. Naruto Shippuden: Legends: Akatsuki Rising is the next chapters for Naruto on the PSP following the Ultimate Ninja Heroes titles. Each of those was more or less shrunk down version of the PlayStation 2 Ultimate Ninja titles but great anime gaming on the go. Now initial impression is that Akatsuki Rising is just Ultimate Ninja 4 shrunk down is very valid. That recent PS2 title remains the first Shippuden title released here in the states and continued the fighting action with updated characters and settings and really Akatsuki Rising is just that. This is shaping up to be a portable version of the PS2 title but that is a good thing as UN4 was a joy to play. Here is the interesting thing about Namco Bandai. They have new Dragon Ball on Wii, next-gen and DS so are they serving up anime fans on the PSP with Naruto? Is this why there are no PSP DB titles and nothing but a PSP title for Naruto? That is for further discussion but lets take a look at the trailer.

The mode of play to really keep an eye on is the Akatsuki mode where gamers get to see story points not touched on for the secret organization of rogue ninja. The game itself looks decent on the PSP but is a fighting game with story elements mixed in. Really not too much to add here. If you’ve played any Ultimate Ninja title then you know what to expect. The biggest thing Akatsuki Rising has going for it is its platform the PSP. This is a game system that is lacking in good titles, heck it’s lacking in pretty much any titles. A name brand like Naruto, a good game at that, will really help this system and give fans of the franchise something to play until the next PS3, Xbox 360 Shippuden title.

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