Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Game Trailer

Aerialbots, Seacons and Combaticons in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen?

Are they in the movie ... maybe but if you combine the movie trailer and the game trailer (below) and the movie trailer then fans can assume that the Aerialbots, Bruticus, Seacons and maybe Stunticons are all in a crazy Combiner fest to go along with Devestator and Soundwave (his voice is halfway through the game trailer). So here's the deal, the game trailer looks good, full of third-person melee and ranged action on the ground and in the air. So the game looks hot, but what about more characters, lets speculate ... and remember that games can add in bonus content for fans so I could be reading too much into this, but ...

Aerialbots - At about the 1:28 and 1:30 mark of the trailer there is an F-16 with very familiar lighting bolt marks on it's wings. In the movie trailer there is a pyramid scene where (assuming) Sam is face to face with a very large jet transformer but not running.

Seacons - A big stretch, not from the game trailer but rather movie trailer. Who else could fish out Megatron (three bots underwater in trailer) than the Seacons, another Combiner group.

Combaticons - A Decepticon tank burning everything in the game trailer and it's not the new Megatron form. In a movie, possibly, filled with many Combiners why not think the Combaticons are making an appearance.

Stunticons - Nothing real solid here but a lot of cars in the movie, why not the Stunticons?

This is of course speculation, heck the trailer looks like it has Jazz in it also, but with so many fireballs coming to Earth in the latest movie trailer this is going to be one crazy movie and can't reveal all during teasers.

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