Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Claymore DVD vol. 4 & 5 Impression

The battle for survival begins for Clare in Claymore volumes 4 and volume 5 from FUNimation. An excellent manga series translates very well as an anime and none of the dark and moody world is lost in translation.

Claymore DVD volume 4
Hunted by the Organization, Clare must disguise herself as she searches for Rocky. While suppressing her power she sees from the outside how her kind is viewed, or more accurate how humans live when Claymore at not around. A chance encounter leads to a fight with an awakened one in which Clare meets number 9 Jean and number 3 Galatea. Histroy is revealed as the Creatues of the Abyss are revealed, three powerful awakened that have divided up three of the four territories. On a new mission, one that looked to be a way to eliminate Clare and her fellow ‘trouble-maker’ Claymore she and the other learn how to go beyond their limits and come back with a bit of help. After going their separate ways a new mission is revealed, one that has a large group of Claymore heading north to contront one of the Creatures of the Abyss, the only male, Silver King Isley.

Claymore DVD volume 5
The battle continues as a scouting party of awakend under Isley’s command challenge the Claymore, now organized into groups with the highest ranked a leaders. This skirmish can only mean the invasion of Pieta is about to begin. While Clare searches for Rocky he is also looking for her and encounters a young girl in his travels and her older companion. Rocky grows close to these two as they travel north together and he learns who the little girl is, it’s an awakened named Pricilla and her companion, none other than Isley. As the Claymore take out the scouting party they formulate their plans and then the invasion begins with many awakened under Isley’s banner and under the command of Rigaldo, the Silver Eyed Lion King. He takes on and eliminates many of the leaders but finds more than he can handle with a surprise attack by Clare. Can the Claymore defeat a legendary awakened one, can they hope to survive with so many high ranked dead?

Lots of fighting in these two volumes. The animation and design is spot on from the manga and very unique in the look department. The story is moving along at a much faster clip. Main points to take away, first is the four Claymore who realize they can come back from their limits, second is Rocky’s encounter with Isley and Pricilla and third is the battle in Pieta, a major turning point for the series. It’s all about action and unless you’re a fan of the series now then don’t start with these volumes, go back to volume 1, you won’t be disappointed. Now looking ahead is fun and I’m guessing the battle will conclude and there just has to be a second season of Claymore coming soon, fans of the manga know what I’m talking about.

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  1. Ohhh... I've finished watching Claymore. It's really good. But art wise I thought they could've done better. Just my thoughts. :)