Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Blood: The Last Vampire Live Action Movie Trailer

Saya is the last of her kind, a half-breed destined to hunt those very real monsters that do more than bump in the night. They are called Chiropterans, more than vampires, they are monsters that thirst for blood and can disguise themselves as human. Saya’s past is a mystery but her ties to these monsters leads her to hunt as part of a secret government agency, her latest mission, infiltrate a high school in post WWII Japan on a US Military base, find the monsters and kill them.

Saya’s story first hit US shores with the animated Blood: The Last Vampire feature in 2000. This 45+ minute masterpiece gave otaku just a taste of what the Blood novels carry in droves. Next up is the ongoing Blood+ anime from Sony, manga from Dark Horse. A longer, retold version of Saya not related to the Last Vampire Movie. Both are excellent and are among the best anime available today, especially for vampire fans looking for something a little different.

As for the live action movie, here is what we can tell from the trailer. This movie seems closer to the animated Blood: The Last Vampire opposed to Blood+. Saya is in the same school uniform, looks like a US military base due to her younger sidekick, American girl who replaces the school nurse from the anime. There are many more Chiropterans in a few scenes surrounding Saya which leads one to think they are not as tough as in the anime where just one monster is a handful. The movie also looks to flesh out the history a bit more showing scenes from the past. Saya herself looks spot on how fans would view her and her thick accent leads to one who has lived for a long time. Hands down this movie looks hot, a truly good reproduction of one of the most beautiful (too short) anime in the past 10 years. Check out the trailer and chime in, for this fan this movie looks mega hot.

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