Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Rumic World from Rumiko Takahashi & Free Naruto

Inu-Yasha, Ranma ½ have some company. Meet Sakura Mamiya, a young girl with the power to see ghost. RIN-NE makes it debut today, April 22nd, on the official English site for legendary anime and manga creator Rumiko Takahashi. While there is not too much to reveal about the story, RIN-NE will release simultaneously in the US and Japan, something Viz is becoming quite adept at as seen with Naruto. For manga fans this is an outstanding announcement and not just for the weekly new chapters but the ground this is breaking in manga release. When a manga force like Takahashi publisher content online how can more manga creators not follow suit? Piracy is always an issue but frankly the economy is not great and free manga to introduce a series is a great idea, like free comic day. Limited money means limited series fans can commit to so when going for something new this angle is a great way to entice fans without the $5-10 commitment. So check it out, full link is

On a very related note how about this treat from Viz. Free Naruto Shippuden swag. Don’t believe me, here it is from the Nine-tail Fox’s mouth … “Beginning today (April 22nd) Trans World customers who purchase $20.00 worth of NARUTO Shippuden merchandise at any of the company’s more than 500 participating FYE and Suncoast stores will receive a free NARUTO Shippuden Sampler DVD, while supplies last. The special Sampler DVD features the entire first episode of the new NARUTO Shippuden story arc, along with a video game trailer for Namco Bandai's NARUTO Shippuden Ultimate Ninja 4 and a variety of colorful downloadable NARUTO Shippuden wallpaper designs that allow fans to customize their computer desktops.”

Sooooo, I’m heading out to get this for myself, it’s a purchase I’d make anyway and it’s more fan appreciation from Viz, gotta love it.

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