Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dragon Ball GT Season 2 Impression

Dragon Ball GT Season 2 DVD Box Set
The end of an extended legacy. The promise of a bright future. These are the storylines in the second season DVD box set of Dragon Ball GT from FUNimation.

With Baby defeated, even after going SS4 the Earth seems to settle back into a sense of normalcy. Even the eventual evacuation of the planet and demise of one particular green skinned friend cannot keep Goku and crew from taking part in a new martial arts tournament, one with similar results to previous tournaments (Buu helping Mr. Satan of course). A battered Trunks reveals that Android 17 has returned, the question is how. Even in death Goku’s two favorite doctors have created a way to bridge the gap between earth unleashing foes from the past. The trick comes when Goku is brought to hell for a faceoff with Cell and Freza. His eventual escape from hell, thanks Piccolo, allows for an epic face off with a new Super Android 17. Long story short, another bad guy down and an unexpected new one to follow. While trying to wish the departed back a new, evil Shenron surfaces and proceeds to scatter the now cracked Dragon Ball’s across the earth. In times past too many wishes lead to negative energy being stored in the dragon balls and this is when the Shadow Dragons appear, each created from a wish of the past. Blame Bulma as the balls were not supposed to be found as quickly as her radar allowed thus allowing for the buildup of negative energy. More fights follow as Goku and Pan faceoff with each Shadow Dragon leading to an epic (of course) fight where both Goku and Vegeta go SS4 and fuse into Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta. Not enough to win, Goku goes back to a very, very old trick drawing energy from across the universe and the good guys win. As a tired Goku rest on a restored Shenron farewells are said, old friends appear one last time and a true ending to the saga occurs.

Wow, what a journey. The end of Baby, quick fight with 17 then the Shadow Dragons, this is quite a bit of action that is both great, and well not so much. Baby was a cool concept, but weak design, too many off the cuff colors in this series. Baby is a poor mans Buu while 17 looked like an overgrown mouse, big ol’ ears. There are also holes in the story like how did 17 get back to Earth, how does Vegeta cut his hair and Gohan stopped going Super Saiyan and why can’t Pan to SS? Goten and Trunks were supposed to surpass their fathers yet they are overall pathetic. Yeah, holes a plenty but thank the maker for the Shadow Dragons. The design of each dragon takes GT back to it’s Dragon Ball roots of over the top and goofy designs while Goku’s personality shines with Pan stepping in for Bulma. The final three foes remind more of DBZ and Gogeta is plain excellent. For all the design flubs and interesting color choices this final battle and Goku’s farewell on Shenrons back is just perfect. The bonus movie, Goku’s Legacy, gives a nice peek into the near future and shows what happened with our heroes who must be fighting in the afterlife.

Overall, while I really shrunk down the story summary, this is a must have collection for Dragon Ball fans. It puts all the final touches on one legendary anime. Many otaku cut their teeth on DBZ so they owe it to themselves to pick this up. It’s this simple, if you like Dragon Ball buy this and the first box set. The one and only complete collection of the tacked on adventures of the DB gang that Toei just could not let die with the end of Z. A strong finish saves the series.