Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Baccano! vol. 2 Impression

Now it’s all beginning to make sense. Volume 2 of Baccano! from FUNimation slowly pieces together the past and present making for an excellent, unique viewing experience. As the train ride continues the past of the large cast begins to be revealed. Who and what is the Rail Tracer, this mysterious monster wiping out mafia and passengers alike? The truth lies in the past as the absorbing past of Szilard Quates is revealed, the pact made a ship, a deal with a very real devil, possibly the true devil itself. In present times … 1930 we meet the Homunculus Ennis, working with Szilard as well as how a certain mafia pair came about their regenerative powers and just how old they are. Jacuzzi comes face-to-face with the Rail Tracer and our favorite pair of thieves reveal a bit more about why they pick on the mafia so much. The story is all over the place in volume 2, but Baccano! makes it work.

You know, I had troubles summarizing the first volume of this manga and now the second (with third right around the corner) is giving me similar issues. Know this, the art and animation is sharp, very crisp but not movie quality. It’s a good looking anime, unique in its setting and style. The combination of the occult, homunculi and such in a mafia setting is very different. Volume 1 really was a make or break, if it confused too much without peaking interest then volume 2 is not going to hook any fans. Now for those who dug volume 1, allowed some confusion in hopes of future explanation then you will be rewarded. The story requires a bit of re-watching but after watching volume 2, 1 makes much more sense. Yes there is still a lot to be revealed but at least now there is hope.

Yeah, that is about the best way to summarize volume 2 of Baccano! Viewers will appreciate the series more as the story is fleshed out, more players revealed and just enough is left hidden for all the revealed information to keep the viewer hooked. If you are interested in this series check out both volume 1 and 2 at the same time, it will be well worth it. (For the record, never have I had to re-watch a series like this to totally grasp it.)

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