Friday, March 20, 2009

Wanted – Shojo Beat Manga Impression

Wanted Shojo Jump Manga
Wanted … more volumes of Wanted from Viz. This manga has a very Caribbean feel to it, a certain inspiration that fans of those movies will enjoy. Matsuri Hino has crafted a very enjoyable manga that reminds not only of Pirates of the Caribbean but also the Princess Bride.

Armeria is in search of her childhood love, a boy named Luce, who was taken by the infamous pirate Skulls when they were young. Now older and ready to seek out Luce, Armeria disguises herself as a boy and boards the pirate ship of Skulls all in search of Luce. As Skulls discovers Armeria is a girl there is also a discovery she makes about Skulls. Where is the young boy she loved enough to search out and as an adopted member of Skulls pirate crew she will encounter not only the rough life of a pirate but also interesting encounters with the Navy and even more unexpected relationships. The high seas are a very interesting place in the 17th century Mediterranean, something Armeria finds out rather rudely as she sails with Skulls.

First the art is beautiful. This is delicious Shojo that both guys and gals can enjoy. There is nothing ground breaking about the character deigns, backgrounds or settings but everything just fits and feels right. The story is what is so charming about this mange. Wanted takes the best of Pirates and mixes it with Princess Bride for a story that is touching at times and quite hilarious at others. The truths Armeria and encounters she has show a softer side to a certain someone while her adjustment to being on a pirate ship is where the humor comes in. These story points mixed with naval encounters and a specific treasure hunt just feel like the beginning, but sadly it’s both that and the end. See this is my only gripe with Wanted, it’s too short. This reader found himself enjoying these adventures and wanting more, wanting to see relationships fleshed out more but sadly they are not. The extra story, Spring Cheery Blossoms, is nice but not a good as Wanted.

Overall the art is classic Shojo, the story a touching mix of romance, action and humor but it’s too short a journey for what could be a great series. Hino mentions more ideas for Wanted so here’s to hoping those ideas take flight … set sail into a new volume for readers.

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  1. I have read it too... so sad it's too short.. but i love the story and the art, of course!