Friday, March 6, 2009

Hunter x Hunter vol. 23 Impression

Hunter x Hunter volume 23 manga
Killua and Gon continue to avoid the Kings troops as Hunter x Hunter volume 23 kicks into high gear. As Killua fights an evolved better he’s also being snipped by a long range foe that is not what he seems. This octopi foe is spared by Killua right before Killua is targeted by a brother and sister combo that turns him into a dartboard. Some very, very sharp skills are needed to survive this attack and an unforeseen ally is all that stands between Killua and death. Meanwhile Gon is approached by a beast ant name Jail who has a plan to get close to the king to attack. Seems not all the ant soldiers are pure evil. While the king waits for his meals to mature he is occupying himself with all manners of games which he masters then kills his opponents; that is until he faces a blind dimwit who he can’t beat in a game of Gungi. Finally the rest of the hunters in position around the king’s lair find themselves in fights with a few lower level soldiers, but no sign of the royal guards just yet.

This is volume 23 of an excellent series that, well it’s just plain good. I still have a few qualms with how much the king looks like DBZ Cell, but oh well. The action is non-stop from the hunters at the castle (least fave action in book) to Gon … which is more plotting than action to the best which is Killua’s fight and most of all his new friend. The ants have proven they are not dumb, mindless creatures. They each have goals and ambitions but up until this point they’ve yet to prove any form of kindness until this volume. Both Gon and Killua’s new buddies have much to prove but they’ve both been in positions to hurt our duo yet have chosen to either save or ally for a greater purpose. Yes, Hunter x Hunter is moving along at a splendid pace and to tell the truth it does not feel like 23 volumes already.


  1. where i can download full version of this manga??
    help me,please....

  2. the best bet i can think of is it has a wide variety of english manga for direct download. you will need an account but its free, quick and well worth the effort.