Sunday, March 8, 2009

Hayate Cross Blade vol. 2 Impression

Hayate Cross Blade volume 2 manga
To save an orphanage from the Yakuza debt, this is the task Hayate has undertaken at the exclusive Tenchi Academy, a quest that continues in Hayate Cross Blade volume 2 from Tor/Seven Seas.

Hayate is now on her own, no longer needing to pretend to be injured sister Nagi. Her mission to earn money with sister in-arms Ayana, is accelerated as the Yakuza step up the payment deadline. Hayate’s roomate Momoka reveals her reasons for being a lone wolf and she is in turn seeked by the creepy Isuzu. Her reason, a childhood friend and promise, the challenge and task eventually fulfulled but the results are not as they seem but a sister in-arms is gained. The best part, the makeover of the new partner. With their minds back on the collection of money Hayate and Ayana look to the upcoming sports day where they can challenge a higher ranked couple. The side-bar, they are now targeted by the Yakuza leaders daughter Mizuchi, who has her own bone to pickwith Ayana and her very Hayate-ish sidekick Sou who shows the underhanded way things go down at Tenchi. Fight day appraches, will Hayate be able to earn the money she needs, time will tell.

The story and art of Shizuru Hayashiya continues to prove why no manga fan to just pass this by. Each character is unique and very detailed. The backgrounds are decent, not overly complex but not bland. The charactrers, the humerous beattins Hayate takes and now the creepy Isuzu, they are what make this story so enjoyable. Each story segment ends nicly and deepens the charactes while expanding upon their background. Rules are introduced at a nice speed so even Hayate can comprehend and the fact the specail abilites of Hayate are not even touched on but readers will still be engaged is just great storytelling. Yes, Hayate Cross Blade is a good and enjoyable manga with great action, funny moments and leads that take themselves not too serious.

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