Saturday, March 7, 2009

Ghost Hunt DVD Set 1 and 2 Impression

Ghost Hunt DVD sets 1 and 2 from FUNimation combine the supernatural horror found in Japanese Cinema (Ringu, etc) and combines it with a technologically targeted study of the unknown as seen in Sci-Fi Channels Ghost Hunters series.

Ghost Hunt DVD Set 1
Freshman Mai Taniyama just broke a very expensive camera. To pay off the owner, Kazuya “Naru” Shibuya, Mai joins the Shibuya Psychic Research team in the investigation of the paranormal. It’s a good thing Mai has a fascination for the unknown because Naru will put her through the ringer with his turned off at times attitude. Using the most advanced technology Mai and Naru are hired to investigate paranormal activities and find themselves often times working with a spirit medium (who just happens to be famous), a shrine maiden with a thing for nature, a monk as well as an Australian priest. This trio works to resolve the issue of evil spirits in a school, a possessed doll house, a Hexer, a jaded female spirits and a missing boy at a church on Christmas. Each mystery gets more challenging and it seems Mai is unlocking her own hidden potential.

Ghost Hunt is a very enjoyable anime. The characters are each unique in their design but still root themselves in the real world with their beliefs, dress and practices. The stories, usually 2-3 episodes each are just perfect as time is allowed for the mystery and story to flesh itself out without the need to cram into 20-30 minutes while keeping the viewer wanting more. These five stories over 2 disc (13 total episodes) introduce a set of unique characters then advances them, matures them right before the viewer. There seem to be nods to other supernatural titles, a well anyone, but it’s the fusion of ghost and technology that is thrilling. Imagine if Ghost Hunters encountered a very angry spirit, yeah I like very much. Of all the stories the best has to be the one of the little boy at the church. It’s both haunting and sad.

Ghost Hunt DVD Set 2
Mai continues to come into her own with dreams that provide great insight but at times endanger her on the jobs she and Naru take. The resolution of the missing boy at the church as well as a manor that is just pure evil set the stage for a cursed family and a spirit that seems set on destroying all including our group of hunters. One ongoing case and two new cases will put Mai, Naru and the other spiritualist to the test.

Vague on detail, why yes, but would telling each story and its outcome serve any point? Nay say I and for good reason. Mai is the center of these two DVD sets but seeing the other characters develop as well as the limit of their powers is quite a fun journey. The two main cases in this 12 episode, 2 disc set, are not in the form of a scorned girl friend or upset student. No, these are dangerous jobs that put the team in great danger and show a evilness to the supernatural no ghost hunter wants to encounter.

Overall Ghost Hunt is rock solid supernatural, borderline horror, action that fans of the shows I’ve mentioned above should check out. It’s an anime yet pulls so much from real Ghost Hunter type encounters and investigations while adding a mystery to each case where the supernatural is real. One can only feel while watching that yes, this is fiction but could there be some truth in these stories, some real possibility? Chilling isn’t it.

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