Monday, March 9, 2009

Darker Than Black vol. 2 Impression

Darker Than Black volume 2
Darker Than Black volume 2 from FUNimation continues the contracting action and takes some time to flesh out the past of our favorite detective Kirihara.

A Hei learns more about his missing sister and reveals a bit more about his past he gives hope to a contractor just before she is eliminated by another Contractor. It seems BK201, the Black Reaper, is drawing a bit more interest from outside sources. Next up is an old time detective story where the widow of a deceased perfume mogul is looking for her cat and a certain talking cat, Hernandez, gets involved. As the case unfolds a body jumper, like Hernandez, is revealed to be the mark and Hei makes his move. As this sometimes comical case comes to a close the story turns to detective Kirihara. Pieces of her past are revealed including her relationship to a certain Yakuza daughter. A series of high-profile murders in their ranks is causing the Yakuza to get antsy and the cause is one who can kill with his blood and a snap. How will the Black Reaper deal with this new threat … that’s the fun of Darker Than Black.

The animation in Darker Than Black is not the most detailed but it’s crisp, sharp lines and excellent use of color makes it one of the better looking series to watch, especially in HD. Hei starts to show some true emotion as bits of his past are revealed, like the mystery of his sister. Also a look into how Contractors suffer for their power. Hernandez, talking cat, reveals his powers and gets into a few funny situations in the second adventure while the meat of volume 2 comes in the form of Kirihara’s background. Learning about her father, childhood friend and ties to the present all make for a very good story with the mafia and a blood killing Contractor. What volume 2 of Darker Than Black manages to do is add some layers and personality to the characters introduced in volume 1, which was a lot of action and background on the world of Darker Than Black. It’s to be seen (soon) if volume 3 continues the trend but what is being established is a series worthy of the single release DVD price as opposed to the season 1 and full series box sets getting released now.

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