Monday, March 16, 2009

Baccano! vol. 1 Impression

Baccano!; a mix of 50’s style and dress mixed with some Cowboy Bebop coolness and a heaping of ‘what the hell is going on.’ FUNimation’s latest anime has a ton of characters and will take possible a few watches to get, but its well worth it.

Meet Isaac Dian and Miria Harvent, two thieves who just can’t pass up a score involving hitting the mafia, passengers on a train, heck even steal from the Earth. Speaking of the mafia (NAME) meet Firo Prochainezo and his mentor Maiza Avaro, two members of the Martillo crime family … the mafia Isaac and Miria like to hit. Firo may seem like just an average up and comer but when his fingers get cut off they grow back. Four characters in a very large cast, one that all seems to board a train and shows the same caper from various angles. Hmmm, what else …

Ok, there are a lot of characters and it’s very tough to outline just what the story is as it’s all over the place. We’ve got our thieves and their funny dealings, mafia folks, occult going-ons, some alchemy as well as a formula for eternal life. This is all wrapped into a 1930’s setting that seems odd at first but begins to fit. The music, especially the intro, invokes memories of Cowboy Bebop, both stylish and a pleasure to listen too. The character designs are fresh and unique, uncluttered and just clean looking. The animation, background, dress, settings all look 30’s –ish and it’s violent to say the least. It’s tough to classify and as I said not only does Cowboy Bebop come to mind but so does Lupin. I’m also trying to figure out what is going on with the little girl Eve Genoard … is she telling a story, looking back in time, I don’t know yet but hope to soon.

Baccano! takes a few watching’s to ‘get’ but fresh music, clean/crisp animation and action mixes with a unique design era to offer up a unique, enjoyable anime. Yeah … I need more time with this one but the train story is fun so far.

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