Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Star Ocean: The Last Hope Images

SquareEnix is getting ready to give it another go on Xbox 360 with Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Unlike the Final Fantasy series the Star Ocean games all tie together in one form or another. Actually gamers can check out the first two volumes recently released on PSP. The story takes place post World War III in 2087 where the remnants of civilization band together and look to explore space. Add in some genre basic characters, big swords and magic and gamers will get another shot on role-playing goodness on the Xbox 360. The screenshots look very promising and after The Last Remnant 360 owners deserve a solid, franchised title even if it’s not Final Fantasy … yet. More very, very soon on The Last Hope, but for now check out the latest screenshots that show off the gorgeous animation, detailed environments and battle system.

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