Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tales of Phantasia The Animation Impression

Tales of Phantasia DVD
Ah, first post of the new year, yeah I’m a tool, whatever. Anyway lets start the new year with a look back at an anime re-released by FUNimation as seen by Geneon.

Tales of Phantasia, the anime based on the video follows the struggles of a warriror, cleric, witch, summoner, archer and ninja in their battle against the Demon King. As the warrior Cress and cleric Mint pursue the Demon King Dhaos they are joined by archer Chester, witch Arche and summoner Claus. All have a reason for wanting the Dhaos destroyed and they must travel across time to accomplish their goals. The abuse of the land and it’s mana is at the core of this conflict, one that will only end in the utter destruction of one side or the other.

Yeah, quick summary, but this is a quick series, 4 episodes on one disc. While this would have made an outstanding 12-17 episode series packing it into 4 works well, and not just for fans of the series. Lets touch on that first, I’ve not played the game, but I totally dug this anime thanks to my love for Lodoss War, Slayers and the such. I’m sure fans of the game will enjoy the anime as it does not abuse the source material, meaning it’s not stupid. It’s enjoyable and a well told (if not short) adventure. It’s a surprise to see how well these characters are developed and the land set up. The animation is stunning delivering great settings and unique characters that stick in the imagination, it’s a fantasy fans dream (but short).

Fantasy fans, RPG fans, Tales of fans this is an excellent purchase for you, a must have. I was sad to see the series end so fast given how well they tell the story and capture all the aspects of a good RPG. Highly recommended and since it’s a one-shot DVD, easy on the wallet. Short anime, short impression.

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  1. So I guess there isnt really any difference in the product in the re-release? Im holding onto my Geneon one I just got incase Funimation decided to add more extras. I was worried they might have re-dubbed it better or something after buying a different one x_x.