Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hunter x Hunter DVD Boxset 1 Impression

Hunter x Hunter DVD Box Set
Hunter x Hunter season 1 box set on DVD from Viz does justice to the manga and delivers 15 episodes of action fans will dig.

Hunters are the best of the best, treasure seekers, trackers, researchers, doctors and more. Anyone who can pass the Hunter exam will be free to seek their desired path in life, but they must first prove they are worthy through a series of grueling physical and mental test, only the best, brightest and most gifted can ever become a Hunter. Gon is one such individual who seeks to become a Hunter, to follow in his fathers, Gin’s, footsteps, a father he’s never met as he was raised by his aunt. Now is the time for Gon to leave his home for the first time and to seek out the test, a journey that takes him over ocean (part of the test) over land and town (part of test) and even underground (part of test). These test challenge potential candidates, testing when they don’t know they are being tested, eliminating the weak. Gon meets Leorio, Kurapika and Killua during these test, three others seeking to become Hunters, and grows close to Killua. Will they each become Hunters … that is for their skills to determine.

The story is no secret for fans to the manga, already into the 20’s in volumes. Seeing the anime, long released in Japan, finally hitting shelves in the states, and in box set form is just great. Anyone familiar with Shonen manga, or anime like DBZ or Yu Yu Hakusho will recognize the formula. Boy grows innocent, comes into power and or seeks to explore that power and the world. The characters and settings of the manga come through superbly in the anime. The only, only drawback is the dated animation. Current anime, Naruto … even Bleach looks very sharp and crisp. Hunter x Hunter has that look of an older animation style, process, which it not bad but will remind viewers they are watching an older anime. Should this stop fans from buying, hell no. The action is still here and as the series moves along it just gets better and better, there is no denying a great story and as a box set at a good price point, perfecto. Keep it rolling Viz, me likes.

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